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Home at seaside town, which is one of the country's best-known export ports, motorboating as hobby, Kotka-Hamina-St Petersburg shipping lanes nearby. That´s why. And by the way, it´s very easy to become addicted...
Koti merenrantakaupungissa, jossa on yksi maan tunnetuimmista vientisatamista, harrastuksena veneily Kotka-Hamina-Pietari laivaväylien läheisyydessä. Siksi. Ja sitä paitsi, näiden seuraamiseen ja alkuperän selvittämiseen jää koukkuun...

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Friday, July 24, 2009

m/s Largo, Loviisa

LILLGAARD: m/s Largo
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From operating conventional coasters on the tramp market Bror Husell Chartering Ab Ltd has since the mid 1980ies also been active with innovations. In co-operation with TRANSFENNICA a new type of vessels was developed. Two sister vessels were built and delivered 1989 and 1990. They had a dead weight capacity of 4 000 tons and were named FORTE and LARGO. They were owned by a Dutch sister company of BHC. In order to meet the paper industry’s needs of bulk return cargoes the vessels were built as combined Ro-Ro/Lo-Lo. The speed was high, ( 15 knots) considering that the vessels are rather small. The vessels were built to ice class IA and proved to be extremely well performing for the winter traffic in the Baltic. FORTE and LARGO were a stage in the development of TRANSFENNICA’s system traffic to European destinations.


B&N Nordsjofrakt has rolled out of the ro-ro market with the sale of its two 4,000-dwt, Dutch-flag vessels Forte (built 1989) and Largo (built 1990). However, Swedish press reports indicate that the buyer is foreign. Brokers say they have no information on the
apparently private transaction. They point out that the two side-ported ships are short on lane metres and much more at home in paper-carrying trades than elsewhere.


2004: Sold by B&N B.V. Kustvaartbedrijf Moermann, Netherlands/Sweden to unknown interests. Company left operation of roro cargo vessels after sale. LARGO has been chartered by Transfennica last years.

AK 9+10/2004
LARGO 8808678 van C.V. Arctic Marine, Rotterdam, in beheer bij Kustvaartbedrijf Moerman B.V., 13-1-1990 opgeleverd door Bodewes Scheepswerven B.V., Hoogezand (559) als LARGO, 9-2004 verkocht voor overdracht 12-2004.

www.worldshipsocietyrotterdam.nl - 13 Nov 2004

LARGO (NB-109) 8808678, 9-1989 te water gelaten als LARGO, 12-11-1989 vertrokken van de werf naar Delfzijl, 13-1-1990 proefvaart, 13-1-1990 opgeleverd door Bodewes Scheepswerven B.V., Hoogezand (559) aan C.V. Arctic Marine, Rotterdam, beheer: Kustvaartbedrijf Moerman B.V., 3.998 BRT, 9-2004 verkocht, 1-2005 ingebracht bij Rederi AB Lillgaard.

- 12 Feb 2005

2005: Sold to AB Lillgaard, Sweden. Still trading under time charter contract by Finnlines
AK May/June 2005

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